Apocharips Fergusson, 1986

Apocharips Fergusson, 1986: 16. Type: Allotria xanthocephala Thomson, 1862.

Head. Triangular, higher than wide, smooth, shiny. Setae present below and between toruli, few setae above toruli. Scattered setae on vertex, many setae on face. Transfacial line 0.9-0.8 times height of compound eye. Malar space 0.3-0.4 times height of compound eye
Antenna. Female: 13-segmented, filiform. All antennomeres covered with sparse setae. Male: 14-segmented, filiform. All antennomeres covered with sparse setae.
Mesosoma. Pronotum with setae; with two thick, curved, long carinae Mesoscutum smooth and shiny, round in dorsal view with sparse setae. Scutellum  smooth and shiny with scattered setae, a M-shaped carina on the apex of scutellum. Propodeum with abundant setae; two propodeal carinae separated by setae in first third, forming a plate in two last thirds, with strongly curved sides.
Forewing. Longer than body, 1.1-1.5 times as long as mesosoma+metasoma. With dense pubescence and marginal setae. Open radial cell, size variable. Shape of R1 and Rs veins variable.
Metasoma. With a small basal metasomal tergum, terminating just posterior to the ring of setae at the base of the metasoma.