Thoreauana Girault, 1930

Thoreauana Girault, 1930: 2. Type: Thoreauana nativa Girault.

Head. Rounded in anterior view, eyes located at the middle line of the head, MS subequal to OOC. With abundant setae below the toruli; sparse setae on frons.
Antenna. Female: 11-segmented, clavate. Male: 12-segmented, clavate.
Mesosoma. Pronotum with setae only on its anterior part; pronotal carinae small, only slightly indicated. Mesoscutum smooth, shining, almost without setae. No sutures on themesopleuron. Scutellum smooth and with sparse setae on its posterior and lateral parts; 1 small carina at each side of scutellum apex, symmetrical, distance between them equivalent to distance between propodeal carinae. Propodeum with 2 strong and broad carinae.
Forewing. Large, longer than body, covered with dense pubescence; marginal setae present and long. Veins yellow to light brown. Radial cell small and completely open; R1 very short, incomplete, not reaching costal margin; 2r shorter than Sc+R1; Rs short and almost straight, reaching wing margin; Cu1a, M+Cu1a, R s +M and M veins absent
Metasoma. Proximal part of metasoma with a complete ring of setae. Metasoma not segmented, only 1 tergite visible.